From the Dean’s Desk

It is my second week since I have taken charge as Dean, SPJIMR. Each day so far has been enjoyable, challenging and full of promise. There is much to do, and so much strength to build upon.

Our emphasis in these initial months will be on communication and collaboration. We are trying to open up channels of communication with our students and alumni. The faculty team is engaging in one on one discussions with me as a pre-cursor to a co-creation workshop in July which will help us shape our future. We will then take this shared direction to our alumni across the world, and seek their input.

We also plan to take the lead in terms of industry academia interaction, and post the alumni interactions, we will reach out to leading corporates with a comprehensive suite of alternative areas of engagement.

We are taking the first baby steps to move your institute forward on the journey from good to great. We intend to be an institute that creates avenues for feedback, listens with an open mind and then acts. Very often, a significant portion of the solution to an institute’s challenges and opportunities, lies dormant in the minds and hearts of concerned stakeholders. This is where we will start this journey.

Please do feel free to write in to us with your ideas. We have made a small beginning, and the ‘long and winding road’ lies ahead.

Dr. Ranjan Banerjee